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Our school IES Mirador del genil is taking part in the Comenius project along with schools from Turkey, Greece and Italy. We will be collaborating with schools from each of these countries doing various activities during the next two years.

Olive oil was the subject selected due to the fact it is a common element between the participating Mediterranean countries. In our hopes of making this project public, we hosted a competition between the students to create an original and creative logo, which would present the project.

The logo could be done with whatever materials each individual wanted, felt tip pens, pencil crayons, and more, but they must avoid sticking materials so it’s easier to scan.

The winner of the logo competition is Marina Matas Cobo from 1st B. Her logo will be used to present the project and she will be will be rewarded by the school.

There are many other activities included in the Comenius project such as the handicraft competition for years 1st and 2nd and the cake contest for the 3rd and 4th years.

I hope the Comenius project goes well and that many more activities like this will happen in future.

Megan Porteous  3º A