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On the 26th and 27th of May at IES Mirador deal Genil, the students from 4th year threw a water festival to help collect money for a fellow student who can't afford to go on the end of year trip.

All classes were involved and lots of students collaborated.

The festival consisted in a series of games. The 1st one was water dodgeball, where you had to try and hit your opponent with a water balloon and get them as wet as you could. The second game was called ‘Lagarto’, if you answered wrong the other players would pop a water balloon over your head, which meant your hair would get completely wet! And the last game was a question round, if you got the question right you'd throw a ballon at the opponent, but if you got it wrong they'd throw a bucket of water at you!

As the festival was ending everyone broke out into a water fight, lots of people got very wet.

When break ended there were lots of students with smiles on there faces from such a good time.

Thank you 4th for throwing such a great festival.

Mikaela Wilkings