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This year Halloween was on a Saturday so we celebrated it on the Friday the 30th.hall20151

The first three hours we all had our normal classes, then we started our Halloween Party.

Years 1 and 2 had a craft competition. The winners from Year 1 were Laura Jiménez, Imma Jiménez and Claudia García. The winners from Year 2 were Lucía Repiso, Nazaret, Samuel Burgueño Luque and Pablo Alcaraz Gómez.

Years 3 and 4 had a cake competition with a halloween theme. We went and queued to get our cutlery, serviettes and drink to enter the S.U.M. to start tasting the cakes. The winners of the competition were Yasmin Rose Standen, Estela del Carmen Moreno Corpas, Juan Jesús Rodríguez Serrano and Adrián Valverde Serrano from 3rd B who won 20€ to spend in the cafeteria. In second place were Alejandro Ruiz Malagón, Alejandro Nicolás Medina García and Francisco Javier Montilla from 3rd B who won 15€ to spend in the cafeteria. In third place were María Pacheco Gámiz, María Cobo Llamas, Lorena Guerrero Ferrer and Nuria Pedrosa hall20154Gómez who won 10€ to spend in the cafeteria.

After tasting all the delicious cakes we went back to our classrooms and we all got dressed in our halloween costumes. Then we started decorating our doors with all different spooky halloween decorations for the contest. Each class were given a theme selected by Year 4 for the Halloween outfits, which were were also part of the competition.hall20152

When 4th hour finished we headed back to the S.U.M. to find out who had won the door decoration and the costume contest.

Finally at 6th hour some students from Year 4 told us a terrifying story in the S.U.M. that they had written themselves. A teacher announced that each class had to go to different areas of the playground with one of the students that had just told their story in the S.U.M. We then had to make groups of four people and think of a spooky story. Aterwards we told the student our stories and they gave each group a mark out of ten of what they thought it was worth. It was then discussed between the students which group told the best story and the winners were announced.

A big thankyou to Year 4 for organising our Halloween Celebrations. Everyone put in a lot of effort to make it fun for everyone.

It was great to see everyone had participated in either craft making, baking a cake or dressing up in a spooky costume.

It was a brilliant day, we all had great fun!

Yasmin Rose Standen 3ºB