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cáceres      mérida

The students from Year 2 have just returned from a trip to Romangordo in Cáceres.

The trip was organised to encourage the students to learn English, to learn about renewable energies and to integrate with other students from Madrid.  Each day was spent visiting some very interesting and beautiful churches, castles, squares and important monuments of the surrounding towns and villages, including Trujillo, Monfragüe and Toril.  When we weren’t sight-seeing we did various activities with the monitors.  Classes were attended daily in the evenings either in the local town hall or in the canteen to learn about different renewable energies and we were also learning more English.

The camp consisted of two buildings, one for the boys and the other for the girls and in the middle of them there was another building which was a primary school. The rooms were set out with sets of bunk beds and wardrobes. The meals were varied and breakfast, lunch and dinner were included at the camp.  There was a football pitch and a park at the camp.

Also, within the grounds was a scented garden with lavender and rosemary and many beautiful flowers and a house where you could make scented soaps.

Each afternoon we would go to a football pitch nearby to do different activities, and return to the camp to have some free time. This consisted of going and playing with our friends and having an afternoon snack, either fruit or a sandwich.

Every evening, after having free time, we would have our shower, phone our parents and prepare ourselves for dinner. After dinner we would play ‘Octopus’ in the garden. One night we went for a walk through the woods and another night we did a treasure hunt around the town.

Thank you so much to Carmen María and Paco for organizing this trip. Everybody has had a great time and we have all made a lot of fantastic friends.


Yasmin Rose Standen 2. A