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The students of year two are going on a school trip to Romangordo, Cáceres.

The main reason for this trip is to learn English and to learn about renewable energies.

The rooms will be organised with six girls in each, three from I.E.S. Mirador del Genil and three from Madrid. The boys will have twenty in each room.

We will be doing activities every day, four hours in the morning and four in the afternoon, including night activities.

Monday, we will be doing activities about sustainable development,Tuesday about reduce, recycle and re-use, Wednesday about renewable energies, Thursday about natural and cultural environment, and on Friday about the global village.

Each day we have got a set menu, with a great selection of dishes.

This school trip is a great opportunity to meet other students and be able to socialize and integrate with people from other places and to learn about renewable energies.


Yasmin Rose Standen 2. A

grupo inmersion linguistica