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Over the last 2 years our school has been taking part in the comenius project, and it is finally time for the participating countries to come to us.
The project has taken alot of planning and dedication but it has been truely worthwhile. Some students and teachers have had the chance to visist Italy, Greece and Turkey,three very amazing Mediterranean countries and now it's our turn to be the hosts.
Next week some students from our school will be adopting Italian and/or Greek students as siblings for a week while they visit our wonderful town.
Our visisters arrive late on saturday night and on their frist day we are going to be visiting Malaga. On Monday we are spending the day at our school and on tuesday we go to Granada. On Wednesday we spend the day in the town and valdarenas and at night we have a leaving party at night for our guests.
It will be very exciting and a fin experience not only for the visitors but for everyone else too. I can't wait for them to arrive and I'm sure it is going to be really good.
By Megan Porteous